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Hiring Top Talent is Always a Challenge.

We help you and your company grow by supporting your top-talent recruitment with the newest tools and methods on the market.

Finding Talent

Finding top talent matching your requirements is tough and takes time. We are here to fill your talent pipeline with quality candidates.

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Hiring Process

Scheduling interviews and managing the whole hiring process is time consuming. We support you on this journey by keeping the hiring managers and candidates in close contact with each other.

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Employer Branding

Getting noticed by the right candidates can be difficult. Our job is to help you  stand out from the crowd, and actively engage your candidates to keep your talent pipeline filled. 

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Challenges to Attract Top Talent?

Book a recruitment evalution call with us, so we can go through your hiring process and provide actionable tips to improve it. The topics covered during the call include:

  • Your current recruitment situation and challenges
  • Easy and actionable tips to improve your recruitment process
  • A short introduction to executive search, lean methods and recruitment marketing
Recruitment Evaluation Call
Challenges in attracting top IT talent for your company?

Agile Search in Numbers

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The Latest From the Blog

Get the latest from recruitment, employer branding, lean recruitment, employee advocacy and recruitment marketing to attract that top talent! They're spiced with hints of sales and marketing to give you a sneak peek into that side as well.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Check out the testimonials from our clients and candidates for proof of our quality and work ethic, while providing the best agile and lean recruitment services for you! 

"A great start to our cooperation!"

Petteri Tuomimaa, People Ops, Nitor

We got to know the people from Agile Search at one of their events, as well as interesting people from the scene. Development ideas were eagerly taken into consideration for the next event.

"Active communication to find the best fit"

Pekka Astala, Lead Developer

There was no time wasted, and the positions I was offered were in interesting companies and matched my expertise. The right position was found quickly, 5/5.

"They were very responsive, delivered quickly and sent us strong candidates"

Tomi Kaukinen, CEO, Sportacam

For a fast-growing startup with high demands, Agile Search is an excellent recruitment partner. I highly recommend them!

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Symphony clients
symphony clients
symphony clients
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symphony clients

Employer Branding

Let's make your employer brand great!

Focusing on building a strong employer brand will lower recruitment costs in the long run. Book a 15 min evaluation call with us to get an external & professional viewpoint on your employer brand, and how you could improve it quickly. 

The topics covered during the call include: 

  • Your current situation
  • Actionable tips to communicate your company's brand correctly
  • A short introduction to our employer branding services
Employer Brand Evaluation Call

Let's evaluate your recruitment process and get actionable tips in our 15min call!

Recruitment Evaluation Call