We are your growth partner

Whether you need help with finding the best talent, boosting your marketing with inbound methods or tuning your employer brand, we'll know how to handle it. 

We have years of experience in finding the top IT-talents - they are hard to find an attract, so it's a good thing our passionate group thrives on challenges! But because it's not always just about connecting the right person with the right position, we also added employer branding and inbound marketing services to the mix. In addition, we organize networking events for both IT talents and HR/Marketing Managers to keep up with the trends of the industry. 



We find the IT talent you are looking for using the most modern tools in executive search and inbound recruitment marketing. 

Inbound Marketing

If you are tired of cold calling your way into business and want to start getting more traffic with your target audience, we can make your amount of leads skyrocket.


C-Level Recruitment

Tap into our methods to find the key person for your company with our highly personalized service.

Employer Branding

If you have a great organization, show it to the world! We bring you the newest tools and methods to reach your target group.


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