Employer Branding

Why Focus on Your Employer Brand?

Differentiation is the key to getting noticed today in sectors where niche IT-skills are in high demand, and where there is a constant digital flow of information. Employer branding is about clarifying the perception of what makes you a unique employer.

An effective employer brand presents your organization as a great and interesting employer and can, as a result, help with recruitment, employee retention and generally affect the market perception of your company. A top-notch employer brand will end up saving costs in recruitment, sales, and marketing as it draws organic attention to your company.

Why Work With Us?

With our Employer Branding services, you can benefit in several ways. Our goal is to enhance your employer brand in order to make it easier and faster to attract and engage with top talent, no matter where they may be. At Agile Search we are connected to thousands of industry experts both in Finland and Sweden, and can help you choose the optimal channels to get your employer brand out there.

Through Lean recruitment we will help you optimize your recruitment processes and make them more efficient. In this way you engage with candidates, show appreciation for their interest towards your company, and create a pipeline for future recruits.

Our Tech events help your company become more transparent and show the attendees what a regular day is all about in your company. You will get to know your key stakeholders in a casual environment, and engage them further in workshops.

Finally, with employer branding marketing, we help you cut through the noise to reach your target audience, and gain a distinguished and coherent voice on and offline.

Employer Brand

Building a leading employer brand takes time and effort. We support you in growing to become a leading player in your industry.

Tech Events

Bringing companies and developers together to network, discuss and learn about new solutions, companies and technologies available on the market. Approaching and tackling technical issues together in a casual environment. 

Recruitment Marketing

Defining the message of your company's employer brand and communicating it to the right target audience with our software partners. 

Lean Recruitment

Evaluating your hiring process from the perspective of candidates and hiring managers to remove unnecessary steps and creating higher engagement in your company.