C-Level Recruitment

C-Level Recruitment is time-consuming, as executives can be very difficult to attract to a new position.  Finding potential candidates who are interested can require a huge amount of contacting, which is why we specialize in finding the tough-to-find talent.

With modern methods and personalized contacting we are able to reach the right people at the right time, and get their interest for your company and the position in question.

We work in 4 phases during the search.

First Phase

The First Phase is analyzing your recruitment needs to get the best understanding of the ideal candidate. In order to understand what kind of personality would be the right fit, we meet the team the new recruit will be working with. We also work with you to set up a hiring process that both supports your internal work, and helps us find and hire the best candidate in the most efficient manner.

Second Phase

The Second Phase is connecting with potential candidates to gather their interest towards your company, team and open position. Depending on your needs we will either screen the candidates on the phone, or have a more in-depth interview with them to see if they match what you are looking for.

Third Phase

The Third Phase is coordinating the interview process either in your premises or ours. We will take care of scheduling and keeping the candidates engaged in the process, keeping their level of interest high. We may also coordinate personality tests through our network, if required.

Fourth Phase

In the Fourth Phase we are in frequent contact with both you and the candidates, to ensure a fit has been found for both sides, and that you are able you to make a compelling offer to the best candidate.  


High Expertise

At Agile Search, we have combined recruitment experience spanning over decades. Our focus has always been on the IT-industry, and as such your recruitment needs are in the best hands with us.

Excellent Track Record

Throughout our existence, we have always strived to bring the best results, even when the going gets tough. Our experience and expertise in recruitment has enabled us to fill jobs that others before us have not.

Extensive Network

By focusing on the largest Nordic IT markets, we have grown our network to include virtually every IT professional with an online presence in the Nordics. By tapping into this network, we are able to solve even your most challenging recruitment needs.

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